Quake 4 Quakemas Map Pack


More maps for your Quake 4


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It’s Christmas and IdSoftware has decided to giveas a present: The Official Quakemas Map Pack.

This Map Pack contains three multiplayer maps:

Campgrounds Redux:

With QUAKE 4’s updated technology, Campgrounds Redux has a fresh look and feel, revitalizing this QUAKE III classic.

Really good for any number of players, this updated version supports Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Tournament modes, where hard-core QUAKE fans can get crazy with this throw-back to one of their old favorites.


This new map is all about close-quarters combat and hair-trigger reflexes as players hustle through the multi-tiered corridors. Railed supports Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch game modes, but it is designed especially for Tournament play.


Built within a twisting underground cavern and peppered throughout with pipes, bridges, and catwalks, Tremors demands tactical expertise. Tremors is perfect for huge Capture-The-Flag games, and also supports the Arena Capture-The-Flag gameplay mode.

All of them are compatible with QUAKE 4 1.0, and updates and
Uptodown X